You have full control over your budgets.

Search engine providers allow us to set "Daily Budgets" for each website individually.

If you choose to budget $200.00 per week for a website, we set the daily budget to $28.50. You can change your budget as often as you like.

We have websites with budgets as low as $100.00 per week all the way up to $10,000.00 per week.

We understand that in many industries things change and change fast. Employee turnovers, adverse weather, too much business at one time - it all happens in the real world.

Smart policies like this has made Smarter Web the industry leader in customer retention (98% year-over-year).

  • We bill each calendar week the following Tuesday
  • You never pay in advance
  • We bill by credit card only
  • You get detailed reporting each week with your paid invoice
  • You can make changes anytime