Our unique, turn-key program is simply the best in the business:

  • ZERO Upfront Cost - there is never a charge for website setup, personalization, hosting, etc.
  • FREE Website - we will provide you a world-class website completely free.
  • No Contracts - you can cancel without penalty at any time.
  • No Minimum - you set a weekly marketing budget you are comfortable with.
  • Exclusive territory - we never advertise for more than ONE inspector in any area.
  • Responsive - most websites are live within 72 hours of signup.
  • Independent - we only use our tested, tuned and proven websites to bring you more home inspection business. We never use, modify or affect any other websites you may already operate.
  • No Fees - you never pay any monthly fees (administration, management, etc), ever. We only charge for one thing, paid clicks that bring you customers, nothing else.
  • Weekly Reports - We keep you in the loop by sending you detailed performance reports (cost per lead, detailed phone records, etc) every week. The more you know, the better your marketing will perform.
  • Home Improvement Experts - we eat, breathe and sleep home improvement marketing, it's all we do. We specialize and focus so we can be the best in our industry and get you more quality clients at a lower cost than anyone else.

What To Expect

No excuses.

Straight talk, hard work and making you money. It's that simple.

We invest in you, right from the start, and if you do not make money, neither do we.

The result is a very high-performing website with industry leading low cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Our home inspection contractors spend an average of $35 per exclusive lead. Some less ($18.00), some more ($49.00), depends on your city.

What's Important

Fully-mobile content with a state-of-the-art highly-customizable Inspection Request Form.

The easier you make it for the real-estate agents and homebuyers, the more referral business you will get. Our Home Inspection website has all the latest technology to make your company stand out among all the other inspectors.

Our mobile-first design is meant for the on-the-go real estate industry. Agents love the convenience of being able to use their smartphone or tablet to schedule an inspection and get you all the property details without having to get you on the phone or fax you anything.

From our clean, easy-to-read Fees tables to our professional Downloadable Documents page, your clients will enjoy the stress-free home inspection process that our website provides.

In a highly competitive, full-service industry, our home inspection website and marketing package will make a huge difference in your sales volume.

Live Examples

Below are links to live home inspector websites (opens in new window). Customization options are limitless with this state-of-the-art mobile masterpiece.



Contractor Reviews

  1. We are in the business of building long-term relationships with our contractors. Smarter Web contractors have a lot to say about our websites and our marketing.

Please take a moment and read our online reviews or, give us a call and we will put you in touch with other contractors so they can tell you in their own words why they choose Smarter Web for their marketing needs.

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  • ZERO Upfront Cost
  • FREE Website
  • Exclusive territory
  • No Contracts
  • No Minimum
  • No Fees